Feedback from students



  1. “…. 6 of us (IIM Ahmedabad) PGPXers tried scaling the Kuari Pass in the Nanda Devi Range this March but got stuck in a snow blizzard for 3 days. We beat a hasty retreat as soon as the weather clear(ed) up, at 7 in the evening no less! We saw snow levels rise from 1 feet to 4 feet in front our eyes as we were holed up in our tent. And all of us there quoted your lessons when we decided to abandon our trek. It was a frightening yet liberating experience.”
  2. “I’m writing to thank you for introducing me to the concepts of Game Theory at IIMA. I was a strong critic of the STDM course at IIMA, but I have (had) a change of heart (and mind) after using the concepts learned in the class in real life. My current assignment involves a lot of negotiations with different stakeholders and I often refer back to the course mat(erial) to pick up a thing or two.”
  3. Perfect instructor, perfect course, perfect learning! Highly useful content, useful not just to MBA but also during course of a lifetime!
  4. Excellent subject knowledge and amazing command over the subject.
  5. One of the best courses I have attended in PGSEM. A perfect mix of all the aspects required for decision-making. Bringing together rationality, emotions and ethics in one course is really commendable. Can never forget this course.
  6. Extremely useful and insightful course on how to strategically think and make decisions.  …..his approach to analyze real life problems using approp(riate) concepts is the biggest takeaway for us……
  7. Very, very stimulating, informative and rewarding. Excellent pedagogy of applications of theoretical concepts.
  8. Loved the patience and skill with which you tried to extract answers.
  9. Amazing course. Amazing Prof. Very clear thoughts….very passionate.
  10. “Your course really helped me think twice (from Sys1 and Sys2) in most of the decisions that I am making nowadays whether personal/professional. It has helped me bring peace and calmness in every affair of life and I am hoping it will contribute a lot to my leadership style and business relationships with peers and upper management.” - Saurabh Shekhar, PGP Executive Programme 2016-17, IIM Ahmedabad