Train the leadership team and provide consultancy to help them develop the strategic plan for an Indian subsidiary of a well known telecom company

Client: The Indian subsidiary of one of the world’s foremost telecom technology companies. The $6 Bn US parent is the owner and purveyor of one of the widely used telephony technologies worldwide.

Assignment:  The client had grown rapidly and established a significant presence in India in the previous five years. They had had a clear vision of the future and an effective strategy. New opportunities were foreseen and fresh challenges needed to be overcome. It was time to devise new and robust strategies for the complex future. The assignment was to train the leadership team on relevant concepts of strategy and provide consultancy to help them develop the strategic plan.

Project:  Provide training and consultancy in formulation of strategic plan.

Services provided:

  • Developed and conducted a five-day training programme on vision and strategy development process for the India business unit team under the leadership of the Company President. The programme was anchored in Value Net – a Game Theoretic framework of strategy, and Strategic Intent.
  • Guided managers to formulate key strategic initiatives and reviewed the final India strategy with the President.