Approaches to teaching managers how to negotiate, range from process and techniqueto behaviour and attitude. Greater emphasis is needed to formulate strategies. I use Game Theory to teach managers, especially senior managers, how to craft and adapt negotiation strategies.

Negotiating Strategically


• What is negotiation? Its key variables.
• Negotiating power. Creating and sustaining strategic advantage.
• Conceptual framework based on the principles of game theory.
• Negotiation as a game. Solutions.
• A model of conflict and co-operation.
• Moving from conflict to win-win.
• Styles – personal and strategic. Recognising and dealing with rival’s style.
• Tactics. Controlling the process.
• Philosophy of the successful negotiator.

Who was it for?
The programme was designed for entrepreneurs, directors of companies, CEOs, profit centre chiefs, senior managers especially in purchase and sales functions, lawyers and accountants who negotiate mergers and acquisitions.


What participants said
“A blend of practice and theory. Ability to take diverse groups together. Very thought provoking.”
- V. Venkatesh, Manager – Marketing, Bharti Mobile Ltd., Bangalore

“…makes you think outside the box.”
- Sophie Joseph, Director Operations, AC Nielsen ORG MARG, Baroda

“The programme is definitely going to help me a great deal in my persuasion skills.”
- Mini P. Elias, Information Manager, Christel House, Bangalore

“The strong conceptual foundation to approach a very indeterminate scenario.”
- Ravi Warriar, CEO, Lastec, Chennai