The workshop facilitates appreciation of how we think as individuals and groups, and strengths and weaknesses of human decision-making.

It helps managers learn to apply concepts and toolkits that counter bias and promote rigorous thinking. Managers learn about the power and pitfalls of intuitive thinking and about organizational processes that can promote good judgement among individuals and groups.

The programme is most effective when designed separately for middle and senior managers.

Game Theory for Strategic Thinking / Game Theory for Strategic Pricing Thinking


  • Foundations of competitive behaviour
  • What is strategic behaviour
  • Strategic situations and consequences
  • Simultaneous and Sequential Games
  • Decision Tables and Game Trees
  • Rules for solving classical games
  • Conflict and co-operation
  • Moves to create strategic advantage


What participants said

“The importance of bringing rigorous discipline into thinking came thro’ very clearly. Hugely beneficial!”
- Ram Bajekal, Director & CEO, Parry Agro Industries, Chennai

“A very useful, innovative and thought-provoking workshop.”
- Malti Jaswal, General Manager, Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company, New Delhi