I am an independentthoughts consultant on business and corporate strategy.

I work with senior management teams to help make firms competitive, grow rapidly and   profitably in a sustained manner. My work cuts across industry sectors ranging from electronics to engineering, paints to pharmaceuticals, software to shipping, and telecom to technology.

My strengths, expertise if you will, are in the following areas.

  • Growth and profitability: how to spur growth and improve profitability by creating and sustaining competitive advantage for a firm. Identifying and pursuing profitable growth opportunities.
  • Corporate strategy: business portfolio, organisation design and structure, how to manage the multi-business firm.
  • Corporate culture and strategy: strengthening relevant and salient action values and cultural traits that foster customer preference.
  • Strategic thinking and decision-making: equipping managers to make sound judgements and better decisions. Establishing organisational policies and processes for crucial, strategic decisions of the firm.
  • Leadership development: helping senior managers to become entrepreneurial visionaries and strategists. Enabling them to be warm, friendly, and empathetic storytellers.

I am deeply involved in executive education. I conduct open and custom management development programmes for senior and top managers.

I teach at the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) Ahmedabad and Bangalore. I also serve on the Editorial Advisory Board of American Journal of Business.

I have written articles for a host of respected Indian and  international publications, and undertaken speaking assignments at various forums. A sampling of them are here.

I am keenly interested in English fiction, science and astrophysics, behavioural economics, cognitive psychology and game theory. I play golf and love the mountains. For a number of years I enjoyed high altitude trekking in the Himalayas. I live in Bangalore, India with my wife and our Bull Mastiff dog.

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