Consulting In Action


I believe in in a participative (not prescriptive) engagement with the management. I help them leverage their insights through tools, models and conceptual frameworks. More

Some of my consulting assignments:
• Strategy Formulation & Execution: Targeting high growth opportunity!

Exe. Education In Action


I work with organisations to design, develop and conduct customised management development programmes for middle and senior managers. More.

Few of the programs I have conducted:

Teaching In Action


I teach at IIM Ahmedabad & Bangalore, amongst other institutions. I like to interact with the country’s bright youngsters and explore how sound management education can equip them.  More

What students say:
• Perfect instructor, perfect course, perfect learning! Highly useful content, useful not just to MBA but also during course of a lifetime!

My Thoughts


Rapid commoditisation of products and markets are eroding margins. Global competition is threatening the very existence of the complacent and unwary. More.

A few thoughts in the areas of :
• Business Strategy: Journey without end?
• Game Theory: Traffic Jam

My Perspectives


It is fascinating to observe instances of strategy (or the lack of it) in personal, professional and social pre-occupations.

Perspectives on Strategy is my monthly missive wherein I discuss seemingly simple situations loaded with mysteries of strategy – what if? what if not? And the like.

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My Articles


I write regularly for the business press in India. My articles have appeared in prestigious Indian and international publications. They offer perceptive commentary and practical recommendations. More

My Profile


I am an independent consultant on business and corporate strategy. I work with senior management teams to help make firms competitive, grow rapidly and profitably in a sustained manner. More

My Passions


I love the outdoors. For many years I did high altitude trekking in the Himalayas. Now I play golf regularly, relishing the challenge of pitting myself against myself. My Trekking, Sports & Reading experiences.

My Logo


Chess is the quintessential game of strategy. The Knight represents innovation and game changing character of great strategy. The colour White in the logo stands for commitment and clarity of thought. More  

Knowledge & Experience…

  • Saurabh Shekhar

    PGP Executive Programme 2016-17, IIM Ahmedabad

    "Your course really helped me think twice (from Sys1 and Sys2) in most of the decisions that I am making nowadays whether personal/professional. It has helped me bring peace and calmness in every affair of life and I am hoping it will contribute a lot to my leadership style and business relationships with peers and upper management."

  • Mohan Menon

    Member - Governing Council, Chennai Business School, Chennai.

    "The repeated emphasis on what creates value cannot be underestimated. It's the acid test of action and competitive strategy that we often gloss over."

  • Sridhar Balakrishnan

    Executive Director, International Flavours & Fragrances Ltd., Chennai.

    "Very enjoyable and thought provoking. Gives you a framework to grow your business."

  • Thierry Cros

    Managing Director, Seco Tools India, Pune.

    "A good reminder that one must focus on one's capability rather than jump at the first opportunity."

  • P Jayakumar

    Project Manager, Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd., Bangalore.

    "The programme illustrated clearly through crisp examples and case studies how careful definition of business and careful thinking about fundamental questions can provide answers that have substantial impact on business direction and growth."

  • Vaidyanathan Rajagopal

    Sr. Vice President, 3i Infotech Ltd., Europe Middle East & Africa

    "Phenomenal marketing tools to help me do my job efficiently and effectively."

  • Pankaj Gangrade

    General Manager - Marketing, Seco Tools India Pvt. Ltd., Pune.

    "This programme gives a new insight to the sales team at the way they perceive their customers."

  • Manoj Mandavgane

    General Manager, 3i Infotech Ltd., India.

    "……..making the concepts enjoyable and like a magician bringing hardcore concepts look like simple activity."

  • Jakob Andersen

    Trade Commissioner, Trade Commission of Denmark, New Zealand

    "Excellent way of nailing theory and practice…….your inputs and comments a excellent."

  • A. Hussain Sehal

    Director, HR, Alstom Ltd., Chennai

    "This workshop really provided me a clear conceptual understanding of strategy which I often find people very loosely using it. A good input session to understand and add value to business."

  • Aparna Mitra

    Regional Sales Manager (S), Standard Chartered Bank, Bangalore.

    "V.N. provoked us to think beyond the obvious, beyond the clichéd. He challenged our hackneyed thought processes and compelled us to think of new innovative ideas without ever attempting to provide simplistic solutions."

  • Col. A.K. Sehgal

    Directing Staff, College of Defence Management, Secunderabad

    "A very well-structured and beautifully conducted workshop."

  • Nitin Gupta

    Founder & Director, Nexge Technologies, Chennai

    "The methodology is by far the best I have seen. I will use it in my organisation."

  • Robert Samwell

    Client Engagement Manager, Wipro technologies, UK.

    "Highly relevant to the strategic plan I am preparing for Wipro's largest worldwide account. I now can use the Value Net in improving and refining my ideas with my team."

  • Sophie Joseph

    Director Operations, AC Nielsen ORG MARG, Baroda.

    "…makes you think outside the box."

  • Hari Padmanabhan

    Executive Director & President, ICICI Infotech Ltd.

    "The fine interplay between theoretical models and our business (has) given us a framework for creating strategy and a basis for continually improving on how we create and implement strategies."

  • Ram Bajekal

    Former Director & CEO, Parry Agro Industries Ltd., Chennai.

    "The importance of bringing rigorous discipline into thinking came thro' very clearly. Hugely beneficial."

  • M. Kurlanathan

    Former Controller - Staples, Foodworld Supermarkets Ltd.,   Chennai

    "A complex and difficult subject on game theory brought out crisply in one day capsule."

  • Dr. Mithileshwar Jha

    Professor of Marketing, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

    "May I thank you for a job wonderfully done. I personally enjoyed listening to you and I am sure your presentation and discussion added substantial value to the learning of our students of Product Management course."

  • N. Srinivasan

    Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry, Delhi

    "Congratulations on a great session on strategy."

  • Sridhar Balakrishnan

    Executive Director, International Flavours & Fragrances Ltd., Chennai

    “Very enjoyable and thought provoking. Gives you a framework to grow your business.”

  • V. Sasheendran

    Vice President – Marketing, Kancor Ingredients Ltd., Angamally, Kerala.

    “It made me aware of the blind spots which have a tendency to show up when you least expect them.”

  • Venugopal R., Programme Manage

    Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd., Bangalore.

    "Gave me a completely new insight and objective approach to segmenting, positioning and growth strategy."

  • Udit Shanker, V.P.

    South Asia, LogicaCMG, New Delhi.

    "Clarity on strategy, relationship between growth and competitive edge."

  • Umesh Chaturvedi, Regional Sales Head, Karnataka

    Airtel Enterprise Service, Bharti Airtel Ltd.

    "(Gained) insights into how we can apply game theory in decision-making…"

  • Sandesh Rao, Manager – Sales, Bangalore

    Wendt India Ltd.

    "The whole thought process has changed. I had been always worrying about the fall in prices but did not think in the direction of manufacturing a superior product that would definitely get better prices."

  • Rajesh Khanna, Chief Executive Officer

    Wendt India Ltd.

    "Strategy in a simple understandable form which is well understood by one and all."

  • Arijit Bonnerjee, General Manager

    IBM Mumbai

    "It was an appropriate programme and I'm sure the whole team will gain from it."

  • Vijay Kumar H.P, Director

    Advanced Fiber Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    "We found your contribution as a business strategy consultant immensely useful. Your inputs with regard to strategic mapping, looking at the big picture and creating new streams of revenue for the firm are deeply appreciated."

  • Atul Tandan, Former Managing Director

    J.L. Morrison India Ltd. & Former Director of MICA

    “From where do you get the energy to regularly deliver and conduct these high-level workshops??! Wonderful, and congratulations.”

  • K. Srinivasan, Managing Director

    Carborundum Universal Ltd.

    "“Working with you for nearly a year has made such a deep impact on me personally and on CUMI as a company. We always use your teachings on Competitiveness, Building Sustained Competitive advantage and Creating Customer Value. Your words that, "Growth is not a Strategy; only a consequence of building sustained competitive advantage" is a learning that none of us will ever forget. Thank you once again; you are our 'Guru'!"

  • Anil K. Jain, Sr. Vice President

    Wipro Infotech

    You are great as usual VN. It is a great pleasure to have your association with us always. I am sure we have a lot to gain from your knowledge and experience.